9 Reasons You Should Become a Health Coach at Integrative Nutrition

Lisa and Alex 1. A Holistic Approach Integrative Nutrition looks at health through a holistic lens. The curriculum teaches that everything is connected—food, mood, health, relationships—and helps students address nutrition by looking at the whole picture.

2. A Healthier You One of the first benefits that Integrative Nutrition students experience is a drastic increase in their own wellness. By learning more about nutrition as well as your unique body’s specific needs, you will make changes that bring you to a level of health you never knew possible.

3. A Comprehensive Curriculum The vast network of visiting teachers in the curriculum—from Andrew Weil to Arianna Huffington to Deepak Chopra—brings diverse and thought-provoking perspectives to each topic. And because Integrative Nutrition subscribes to the idea of bio-individuality, you have the freedom to examine each dietary theory to find what works best for you—Vegan? Paleo? Macrobiotic? Only you can decide!

4. Networking Opportunities Once you enter the Integrative Nutrition community, you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people, many of whom have great connections within the wellness world or who want to collaborate on exciting projects. The possibilities are truly endless.

5. A Welcoming Community Integrative Nutrition’s student groups and coaching circles allow students to get to know peers of all different backgrounds and interests. In sharing your passion for health and nutrition, you’ll likely build relationships that last a lifetime.

6. Learn from Anywhere Because the Health Coach Training Program is entirely online, students can access lectures, quizzes, slideshows, and other curriculum content from anywhere. Learn about vegetarian proteins from your phone on the subway, or read about how to conduct a health history from your iPad on the beach!

7. A World of Opportunities Going through the Health Coach Training Program doesn’t mean you need to start your own health coaching practice (though many grads do). Integrative Nutrition alumni have opened up restaurants, sold cleanses and detox programs online, built mobile apps, and more! The comprehensive business training provided in the curriculum gives you the ability to follow your bliss—to a successful business.

8. Be Your Own Boss Don’t like having to show up for work at 9 on the dot? Hate conference rooms and busywork? Working as a Health Coach or starting your own wellness business means that you determine how you spend your valuable time.

9. Change the World The healthcare system is broken and Health Coaches are the way to fix it. Remember those scary numbers from above? This is your chance to change them. Let’s do it. Are you ready to change your life while you help change the world? Learn more about Integrative Nutrition’s by checking out this Curriculum Guide!

Do you want to change your life?

Ready for a change? Want a new career? Want to live more healthy?mlm-words-300x274

I was ready for a change in May 2012 when I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program!

IIN trains you to become a Health Coach (like me!) in just one year, and the best part is that the program , it is so flexible. It’s completely online through their Learning Center that can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. So whether you’re in the middle of carpooling, working out at the gym, or in between clients, the program can and will fit into your life.

Get a taste of what the course is like by sampling a class. Here is the URL to access the first module – of the program – you’ll get the full student experience. http://geti.in/1vPAuPh

  • Need more details? Here are a few of the many reasons I love IIN:
    Top-notch speakers in the field of health and wellness, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dr. Oz, Geneen Roth, Lissa Rankin and many more inspiring doctors, authors, and researchers who are leading the global shift towards wholesome health. They will help open your eyes to what it means to live a holistic life!
  • Convenient on-the-go learning platform. You can learn anywhere, anytime with IIN’s cutting-edge Learning Center that can be accessed from your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. You can set your own schedule and study when the time is right for you.
  • Incredible support and encouragement. You’ll be able to connect and interact with countless fellow students, as well as staff members, who will help to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Coaching & business skills. No other nutrition school will help you actually launch a business. You will learn how to define your target audience, attract potential clients, market your brand, close the sale, and create an authentic business model aligned with your goals for success.

I could go on forever, but then this post would be really long.

Don’t go yet though, I have one more announcement.

I want you to answer YES next time I ask you if you’re happy, and I have a special Ambassador savings I can offer you to help you make that happen. Email me back for all the details!
Check out IIN today. Even if you’re still in the exploratory phase, I
encourage you to check out their sample class. http://geti.in/1vPAuPh

Also, their team is there to support you as you make this important decision and discover your journey just give them a call at (844) 315-8547!
What are you waiting for? Make happy and healthy a priority today.

That 30th Year Reunion

Hi everybody,

Last Friday night I attended my 30th high school reunion.   I, like many of you, did not have the happiest of high school experiences.  I was teased for the way I looked, my personality and the way I dressed.  I never went to a homecoming dance or prom, and I can count the number of football games I attended on one hand.

Many of my friends asked me “why bother going?”.   Well, I went because the way you are treated in your formative years can affect your entire life.   My life was deeply affected by my high school experience.   Never in my life either before high school, or after high school, was I treated so cruely by my peers.

Well, enter the University of Colorado, where I started as a freshman at 18 and never left!   The University of Colorado helped me grow, shaped my personality, and gave me the self-confidence necessary to help me become the woman I am today.   Without the University of Colorado I would be a very different person.   I have two degrees from the University, I’ve had three different jobs with the University, and I met many of my good friends from the University.   I love CU and I love Boulder and I’m so grateful everyday, for my parents forcing me to enroll in the University.

The two weeks leading up to the reunion I worked out every day, I dieted, and I looked fabulous!   I got my hair, nails and make-up done.   I fit into my size 2 black dress, and really looked so great last Friday it was hard to believe I was actually old enough to attend my reunion.   That feeling was reinforced by the many people, asking me what I was going to do during the weekend, and were shocked that I was even old enough to have a 30 year high school reunion.

Of course it took me two glasses of wine to even walk into the door as I went alone.  One of my friends who I went to high school with would not go with me, which was shocking to me since she was popular and a cheerleader.   Maybe the popular kids had it tough too?  Although I can’t feel sorry for them.   At any rate, the first person I saw was someone so horrible to me in high school, I was very nervous to see her.  I gave her a big hug and the rest of the evening went so well that I stayed until 11:30 p.m.!   I spoke with everyone, and most were really nice to me.   It was a wonderful evening and for once, I was the most popular!   It could not have gone better.   Did I look the best of anyone there, well, probably not, but I did probably have the most fun.

In the end I decided I would probably not go to any more reunions, as this is the only one I’ve ever attended.  I was able to put closure to a very painful time in my life.  I learned to be grateful for the University of Colorado, because, after all, I will always be a CU Buffalo, I think my Overland Trailblazer days are over.

Detox your Lunch Hour

Want to feel great in the afternoon at work?   Try this recipe for a light meal!Lisas Peas

Detox Salad from 24-Hour Detox (Rachel Feldman)

Serves 2

  • 2 C mixed greens
  • 3 T hemp seeds
  • 1 apple cut into small pieces
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/4 C raisins or 1/4 C goji berries
  • handful of fresh parsley


  • 2 T Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 T extra virgin olive oil
  • juice from a lemon

Mix all salad ingredients in a bowl and toss with dressing.

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Want your own Clean Eating Plan, check it out here!

I am in the mood for a snack!

February 2013Yesterday I was starving, it was 1:30 p.m. and I had already eaten my lunch.   I didn’t pack anything healthy so I went next door and bought a little snack pack of rice chips and peanuts.  It was okay, but had I been prepared I would have done much better.

Here are some snack examples for you to try when you feel famished in the middle of the day.

  • 1 apple with 10 raw almonds
  • 1 pear with 10 raw walnuts
  • Savory Snacks recipes from the Healthy Secretary Website – access here

You may also want to check out this Healthy Snack Recipe Guide from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

For more healthy tips, subscribe to the Healthy Secretary Newsletter, and check out www.lisas-lentils.com.  You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Lovely Green Breakfast Juice

Detox Drinks from EpicuriousWant a great breakfast juice that is cleansing to your system and delicious to drink?   Check out the following recipe from the Simple 24 Hour Cleanse!

Green Breakfast Juice Recipe

  • 1 cucumber
  • handful of kale
  • 1/2 bunch of mint
  • handful of parsley

Wash all ingredients and then juice!   Squeeze in a lemon to  your juice and you are done!

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Have a great week everyone!  I’m off to Minnesota this week.

Cleansing is Simple!

cleanse coverA detox can change your life.  I can say from personal experience that each time I complete a detox I feel better than ever.   It may be summer, but embarking on a raw cleanse can awaken the senses and experience your own natural awakening.

Recently I was diagnosed with GERD otherwise known as GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease.   When I heard this from my doctor I felt like my health was in free fall.   Now I feel like I need to take a look at my diet and give my digestion a break.

Learning to change

Since I was diagnosed I have been learning the tools that I need to change my body from the inside out.   My plan is to embark on a detox/cleanse for 3-5 days this summer and continue to eat whole, unprocessed foods in their natural form, which will give my body energy, and possibly solve the GERD.

I want to share a simple cleanse with you so you can also improve your bowel function, support your weight loss efforts, and be provided with an amazing opportunity to uncover hidden food allergy you may have.

Do it today!

Is this you?  You swear it will be tomorrow, or Monday, or your birthday.  The day you will begin to focus on you and your health.  But that day always slips through your fingers.  These “days” keep passing by you.  You have a really busy life and taking care of yourself has not only dropped further down your “to do” list, it fell off of it.

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m tired, I’m tired of feeling a pain in my esophagus, I don’t want to feel unbalanced, I want to have energy and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Check out this FREE Simple Cleanse here.  By signing up for the Healthy Secretary newsletter, not only do you get the cleanse, which includes one day of recipes and self-care tips, but you’ll receive the Healthy Secretary newsletter, which includes recipes, nutritional advise and information on natural health solutions.

In addition to the free cleanse, I also offer an on-line clean eating plan which you can learn more about here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hello Fresh!

Why Cook

Every night we all fall into the same dilemma, what’s for dinner.  Whether you are single, in a relationship, have a family or roommates, we all think about this daily, and for the most part, we will eat something that’s in our pantry, whether popcorn, tuna fish (to make tuna sandwiches), frozen lasagna, order pizza, etc.   In today’s society it’s rare that we would think ahead to cook a meal for our loved ones and friends because this requires effort that most likely does not fit in with our busy schedules.  We have to get a recipe, go to the store and purchase the ingredients, then come home and make the dinner.   This entire process can take over 2 hours, and at the end of a busy workday, I think most of us would prefer to get in our comfy clothes and lie on the couch, and let Domino’s make pizza.

Now I love to cook, I love printing out recipes, I love going to the grocery store of my choice, it’s actually fun for me.   However, there are times when I’m busy at work, and exhausted at the end of the day, I can barely drive home I’m so tired, let alone cook a meal.  Or I have a workshop or some other after work event that I need to attend, leaving Chad with no dinner or at the very least a turkey sandwich, where I go without dinner altogether.

One thing I could not predict was my sweet kitty Baxter would have an infection that had Chad and I going to the Vet five times in two weeks, up all night worrying about or awesome cat, and not eating, grocery shopping, or sleeping.  Our lives were entirely disrupted by Baxter’s sickness and we lost a whole week of our life from it.   I lost 5 lbs, not sure how much weight Chad lost, but thru worry and sadness we couldn’t even think straight, let alone worry about what we were having for dinner.   With our pocketbooks thin from the vet bills and our exhaustion growing, I was and am very grateful for my friend Richard, who sent Chad and I a week of food from HelloFresh.  Now Richard had told me about his experience with HelloFresh, but since I already order fruits and veggies from Door to Door Organics, I didn’t want to get involved with another food delivery commitment.  Richard’s kind and generous gesture was something I could not pass up, so I tried the HelloFresh and you know what?  It’s amazing!

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service where each week there are new recipes to try, and pre-measured ingredients to prepare the recipes delivered right to your door, cutting out the thought process for recipes and the grocery time, as well as portioning out the ingredients for the recipes, it’s actually pretty incredible and for $60 for 6 meals, it’s a total bargain.  You can purchase for 2 or more, obviously Richard gave us 3 meals for two.   I made the meals this past week and I can say they were easy to make, very healthy (vegetarian) and looked amazing when I served them.     Each meal took about an hour to make.

I highly recommend this meal service.  It’s great because you can join, put off your order for months, and just wait until you have a week that you want to order, or check out the weekly recipes and see if they interest you.  There is no minimum/maximum commitment, it’s really quite awesome!

I want to offer you $20 off your first order with HelloFresh.  Just go to their website and use the code ACH5UE for your first order.  That will be 3 meals, enough for 2 people each for $40! You can cancel your account at anytime.

Check here for my favorite recipe I made the last week.  Here is a photo!Food


Holiday Eating Triggers – Take Note

7 Tips to Help You Not Gain Weight During the Holidays! « Shelita WilliamsWith the holiday season upon us in just a couple of weeks, we all want to recognize which factors can lead to those extra holiday 7 lbs this season and how to avoid the pile on.  Check it out:

  • Travel  – If you are one of the many traveling this season you are probably aware of disruptions in your regular schedule.  You may dine out more often while on travel and exercise less in a different environment.   You might be craving sugar, caffeine and carbs for quick energy and you may be exhausted.  Research has shown that our appetites can increase up to 25% when we are tired.  Be aware of this when you are on travel.  Find time to exercise daily, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk and keep in mind your diet while away.  It might be handy to have a small notepad with you so you can record your daily meals, that way you are more aware of what’s going into your body.  Try to order dishes with vegetables and load up on them during family meals.  A couple of years ago I traveled to Minnesota for an event with my boyfriend’s family, there was not one item green colored offered at the event, I actually found a salad at the bar upstairs, so keep in mind your diet while you are away too.
  • Stress – If you are staying with your family over the holidays, you may feel a little stressed.   And if you have children, you may feel even more with the changing schedules.  This might cause you to eat to feel better and anxiety can cause your body to increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol which can cause weight gain.   Meditation can help with stress, even if you need to break away to a bathroom to do so.   Also, there are some great breathing techniques by Dr. Weil, you can check these out here.
  • Binging – The most popular new years resolution is to lose weight, why?  Because many times we binge during the holidays, resolving at a later date (New Years Eve) to start that diet.  But why take that all or nothing attitude.  Finding healthy treats and snacks is a great way to defray the holiday binge.  Check out these tips for staying healthy for the holidays here.
  • Indulgences – If everyone around us is indulging in platter of treats, our resistance can get worn down.  The proximity and visibility of food can be tempting to all of us.   Try to eat a healthy snack before going to any party or drink a protein shake to make you feel fuller than if you went to an event starving.  Even at work, goodies are all around, try to have a healthy sweet alternative, like fruit, a chocolate protein shake or granola bar.  Have your snack, drink a glass of water and re-evaluate the situation.  If you still want the goodies, then have them.  Denying yourself will make you binge when you get home from work.

Next Week:  Prepare for Thanksgiving/Holiday Time, 10 Tips

Who is your “health hero”

JillianGood afternoon everybody!

I have the privilege today to write a blog post for Oscar Insurance, a new kind of health insurance company that is using technology to make understanding insurance simple, intuitive, and human.   They have asked me to write a special blog for them on the topic “who is my health hero.”

This is a very difficult topic for me to approach because I don’t have one health hero, I have many.  My friend Nancy is one.  She is in her 60’s, she works out all the time, she tries new things, like Yoga a few years ago, she’s totally interested in her health and sticks to a vegan lifestyle.  She doesn’t drink or smoke and she looks 20 years younger than she is, she’s a real inspiration.  She seeks out nutritional classes and opportunities to learn more about her health and she always looks fabulous.  She is also a very kind and warm person and she shares her experience and enthusiasm with others.  She’s a true health hero.

I really like Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows.   Her vegan recipes are amazing, to die for.  She always talks about how she runs, and she’s got an amazing relationship with her husband.  Her home is so cute.  I think she’s really go it together.  She helps others to get healthy as well.  Her Oh She Glows cookbook is vegan and absolutely amazing, she’s got great tips and advice for anyone who wants to improve their health by improving the food that goes into their body.

Elizabeth Rider is another, her career in the health field is astonishing. Barely over 30 and she makes a six figure income doing what she loves.  She’s taken the bold step to move out of Colorado and try to new life in Montana, she’s another with an amazing house, a great husband and always looks healthy and vibrant.  She’s a thriving entrepreneur and it’s because of her that I found the Usana supplements which have totally changed my health, my mental accumen and my sleep.  These supplements are truly amazing and I credit this to Liz.

These women are who I look up to for my health hero.

bikeI believe a health hero must not only be nutritionally sound, but take into account other areas of health as well, including career.  So important to be happy in what you spend the majority of your adult life on.  People spend more hours on their career than many other areas of life, so happiness is key to health in this area.

Family is important too.  I am always stressing how vital it is to have a good family relationship and for a parent to actually raise their child, spend time with their children and take responsibility for their family.  I have always learned growing up that family comes first.  Unfortunately we can’t choose our family, and I often wonder if I would actually have the people in my family in my life if they were not my family.   However, family usually has your back, they know your history and they love you anyway, and many times they make time for you even when you don’t have time for them.  Family relationship is part of the health equation.  I know my friend Nancy is an excellent mother and grandmother and she most definitely puts her family first, I respect and love that about her.

meditateSpirituality is part of the health package, no matter what your religion.  I was raised Jewish but I do not practice it.  I have chosen to do more meditation and yoga than sit in a synagogue all day praying in another language that I don’t know.  I have another friend, Rachel who was also brought up Jewish but goes to church, weekly.  She’s found that to be a great spiritual outlet for her, and after going through breast cancer, she found that to be her path.   I think spirituality is very vital to health no matter how you practice it, just connecting with yourself and your inner or outer guide really lifts you.

Creativity is healthy as well.   We all have creative outlets, whether it’s writing a blog like I do, painting a mural, or giving a presentation, we all have creativity in our life, it just doesn’t show up the same for everyone.  Angela Liddon’s creativity was in her Oh She Glows cookbook, every photo, every page, every recipe, lovely!    She’s amazingly creative.  We often want what other people have, but it’s healthy to recognize our own creative ways and value the differences between all of us.

moneyFinancial health is something many people are striving towards.  It is my belief that when you feel healthy financially, a lot of the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place.   I feel financially healthy, I don’t have a Bentley like my cousin Gary, I don’t travel the world like my friend Carole, and I don’t make a six figure income like some of my friends, but I don’t worry about money or paying my bills.  I have a secure job with a future pension so I really don’t have to worry about money.

There are many more ways to measure health, physical activity, home cooking, spirituality, education, financial health, relationships/family, joy, social life, career and nutrition are all part of it.  I know we all have people we can look up to in all these areas of our lives, but we should not measure ourselves against our hero, we should measure ourselves by our own standards of what works for us.

We are all individuals, we all need to take care of our health and I know all of us want to live successful, sustainable and healthy lives.

I hope you can take an inventory of your health hero’s and implement a little bit of them into your daily routine.  That would be enough to be your own hero.

Have a great week everyone!

Thanks everyone for your support!!!!

Hi everybody,

I want to thank everybody for your support these past couple of years as I’ve had a blast writing this blog.   I want to let all of you know I have decided to blog less frequently.  I had gotten so wrapped up in marketing my business to all of you that I’ve missed the real, true reason why I decided to start this blog and that was to share.  Share yummy recipes, share great ideas, share valuable knowledge that I’ve learned with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I also share when things are going great, and when things aren’t going so great, I mean, we are all human afterall.

I’ve come to a conclusion that focusing on my full-time position with the University of Colorado and devoting my time to developing a 28-day program with a peer who also graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is where I’m growing my efforts.  I’ve had so many ups and downs these past couple of years, it will feel great to remove some programs that are not serving me or my clients and reinvigorate my zest for health.

Wow, with that being said, I truly feel like a lighter person, and I didn’t even have to go on a diet!




Deconstructing Cravings from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The body is an amazing source of intelligence. It is always there for you, pumping blood, never skipping a heartbeat, digesting whatever food you put in it and maintaining homeostasis. Is this reliable, intelligent bio-computer making a mistake by craving ice cream or a hamburger or chocolate? Are cravings due to lack of will-power or discipline? I’d like to suggest that cravings are not a problem. They are critical pieces of information that tell you what your body needs.

The important thing is to understand why you crave what you crave. Perhaps your diet is too restrictive or devoid of essential nutrients. Perhaps you are living a lifestyle that is too boring or stressful. Your body tries to correct the imbalance by sending you a message: a craving. A craving for something sweet could mean you need more protein, more exercise, more water or more love in your life. The key to stopping the sugar craving is to understand and deliver what your body really needs.
No book or theory can tell you what to eat. Only awareness of your body and its needs can tell you. Of all the relationships in our lives, the one with our body is the most essential. It takes communication, love and time to cultivate a relationship with your body. As you learn to decipher and respond to your body’s cravings, you will create a deep and lasting level of health and balance.
The next time you have a craving, treat it as a loving message from your body instead of a weakness. Try these tips to respond to your body:

  • Have a glass of water and wait 10 minutes.

  • Eat a healthier version of what you crave. For example, if you crave sweets, try eating more fruit and sweet or root vegetables.

  • What is out of balance in your life? Is there something you need to express, or is something being repressed? What happened in your life just before you had this craving?

  • When you eat the food you are craving, enjoy it, taste it, savor it; notice its effect. Then you will become more aware and free to decide if you really want it next time.  

Ripple Effect

Kindness has a ripple effect.The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has created a ripple effect around our nation and others as well.   A seemingly innocent request amongst celebrities has become a nationwide phenomena.  Now folks from all walks of life know what ALS stands for and this ripple effect has created nationwide awareness of the disease.  ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  It’s a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord and then to the muscles throughout the body.  This devastating disease needs more research and with a ripple effect, research dollars are pouring in nationwide.

It’s interesting how social media has changed our society in a way we could have never imagined.

I love the ripple effect, which got its name from the ripples created in the water.   What I like most about it is that the positive effects of one person can be seen by several.  Think of “pay it forward”.  And just as a positive ripple effect exists, a negative ripple effect can counteract.

Recently, I was involved in my own downward spiral with the ripple effect.  One seemingly innocent request, approved my supervisors, turned into an office drama, which in the end led me to positive corrective steps.   I won’t bore you with too many details, basically, I asked for my cell phone to be paid for by my office as I use my cell phone a lot for work, and it would have given me an equal “raise” as far as my other colleages received.  Both my direct supervisors approved, however, others in the office got involved and in the end, not wanting to continue the negative energy of the situation, I decided to pay for the phone bill myself.   What happened afterward, quite literally, put me into therapy and questioning whether the work environment I was in was serving me anymore.  One person I help out, not my direct supervisor, decided to seek assistance for calendar, travel and other items elsewhere, others in the office gossiped about my request, and then others made requests on my professional time that were most inappropriate.

Fortunately, having a weekend to sort things out proved mighty useful.  I learned that my request made a ripple effect in my office that was not as positive as the ALS bucket challenge.  I had to stop the ripple immediately, and I did just that.  I commanded the universe to cut the cords that were attaching me to the negativity in the office, I started listening to Gabrielle Bernstein presentations “Course in Miracles”, I made an appointment with a therapist for unbiased help on getting me through my day and I made an appointment with a retirement counselor for the pension program in which I participate.

I could have spent my time sulking instead of taking positive action, and wouldn’t you know it, each positive action lead to another ripple effect.  A personal ripple effect in my life, things that I am grateful for rather than resentful of.

Not working for one of the administrators in my office freed up my time to really work with my supervisors on their meetings and events that have some real meaning for them.  It also meant I only work in the office, no overtime and I’ve created a clean separation between responsibilities in the workplace and free time away from work.   The course in miracles helped me to identify small steps everyday that lead to gratefulness, things like getting an awesome $5 Starbucks Card today for filling out a survey, or running into someone from my past over the weekend who was a big part of my life, and we just lost touch, or having a positive ripple effect on someone else.

I have learned that actions I take effect others, and I’ve been more cautious of my words and actions.

What type of ripple effect are you making in the world?   Make some comments below.

Have a great week!

Before Nutrition School…..

Hi everybody,

Last week I had mentioned to all of you I am going back to basics, trying to find my true calling with my nutrition business and also trying to get some balance in my life.  I have been having a great time listening to classes from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition when I first enrolled.   These classes remind me of visualizing my practice, starting to conduct health histories with new clients, and how to teach simple meal planning.

I’ve been enjoying my trip down memory lane and have really kept a focus of helping others.  I’ve found that by helping others, I’ve gotten back wealth in the form of friendship, gratitude and some said cash as well.  By changing my focus from “why am I spending time on this, I’m not making a profit” to “how can I serve and help others”, I’ve found I’m able to be more positive and bring more of my true self to the client relationship.

I’m also reminded that my education with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is not just a training program but also a self growth program.  Listening to all of those classes again, I can see how much I’ve been able to develop my sense of self and I’m able to prioritize my day a little better.

Yesterday, for example, I was planning on getting some work done for my Lisa’s Lentils Health Coaching Practice, however, I really felt more like spending time with my boyfriend relaxing and I did just that.  It felt strange not being on the go, but at the same time, it was a great day for my relationship and my body felt more refreshed today getting ready for work, rather than being tired from the previous day’s activities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, give this guide a try,

and if you are interested in a six-month, very easy, self-care recommendation, check out this resource, also by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!


And if you are interested in some super delicious recipes, check out Lisa’s Lentils Recipe Link!


5 diet types for every body, because we’re all unique!

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition came out with this infographic highlighting the five most popular diet types today.

Most of my friends and family members are really into the Paleo diet, but this doesn’t work for us vegetarians due to the nature of the diet which focuses on grass-fed meat and fish.

You also hear about gluten-free diets for individuals who have become allergic or have sensitivities to gluten which is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  You can find gluten-free products available at mainstream markets as well as health food stores.   Beware of the sugar content in the gluten-free products.  Sometimes I feel like these companies are sacrificing health for sugary taste, which causes other issues int the body.   I can recommend the Tinkyada line of pasta, which I’ve found to have a great texture and taste.  If you want to check out gluten-free options, the pasta is a very good start.   I have learned that in order to reap the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle, you must go gluten-free for at least six-months.

Macrobiotics, listed below, was very popular a few years ago and focuses on Yin and Yang food choices.  You’ll see an explanation above and if you’d like more information about this diet type, feel free to make a comment below and I can write a blog focusing on this diet type.  The foods that are highlighted include seaweed, brown rice, and fermented soy.  It’s a great option for vegetarians.

Vegan diets and Raw Food diets to me, seem extreme.   I do have friends that do one or the other, sometimes both who have had tremendous results with their health and energy.  A raw food diet consists of vegetables and fruits, not cooked over 118 degrees, which makes having a vitamix and dehydrater imperative. A great cookbook for vegan diet is “Oh She Glows Cookbook”, and can be purchased for as low as $14.99 thru Barnes and Nobles.   I have the cookbook and have made several delicious dishes that even my boyfriend Chad enjoys.  I highly recommend this cookbook if a vegan diet is something you’d like to try.

The main focus of any diet should be health and no matter what your eating style, make sure you get plenty of water, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and beans so you’ve got the energy to get through your day.  A restrictive diet is no way to live.   I had been on a calorie restrictive diet for a year and it became an obsession.   I feel like as long as you are healthy you should choose moderation. There is more information on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Blog on healthy lifestyle, recipes and nutritional advice.  You can check out their posts from my Lisa’s Lentils Website here.

Have a great week everyone!

What I’ve learned recently – S.M.A.R.T.

smartAs many of you know, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition last year.  Since that time I have enrolled in their optional Immersion Program.  I’ve had a blast this past couple of months learning how to be a better health coach, a better listener and become better at marketing my business, Lisa’s Lentils.

This past week we’ve learned how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals which is something I’ve really embraced for myself and my clients.

What does S.M.A.R.T. stand for?

Specific (like, I want to lose 5 lbs in the next two weeks through diet and exercise)

Measurable (I will check my weight on the scale each Sunday and Wednesday for the next two weeks, which will include a measurement of my body fat)

Attainable (I may want to scale this back to 2 lbs in 2 weeks or 1lb a week or give myself more time to complete my 5 pound weight loss goal)

Realistic (it is realistic that I can lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks, but I may want to think about a realistic goal to keep the weight off)

Timely (yes, I put a time limit on the goal, 2 weeks).

I also learned as important as it is to put my S.M.A.R.T. goals in place, I will also want to know why this is my goal, why would I want to lose 5lbs.  Would it be to look better in my bathing suit because I’m getting ready for a beach vacation, and I want to look good on the beach so I don’t feel self conscious walking around in a bikini?  My real why, my reason behind my goal is so I don’t feel self conscious about my weight.  Something else I learned at IIN is that we want to put an emotion with a goal.  It’s not enough to say “I want to lose 5lbs” but I need to have an emotional reason tied to my goal in order to make it stick.

What are your goals for the coming weeks?  Can you use the S.M.A.R.T. goal planning to assist you?  Do you know your why?

Check out the info graphic below to see some areas that you can focus your S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Get Holistic with Your Health graphic_0

If you are interested in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have up to $1,000 scholarships available, feel free to e-mail me at lisa@lisaslentils.com for information.

Did you know that Taking Time for Yourself is One of the Most Important Health Habits You Could Have!

Making time to focus on yourself is an essential way to connect with your spirit on a deeper level and find lasting self acceptance.   From your center you can become your authentic self.  Make sure to set-aside daily work weekly time for yourself.   It could just be taking an evening bath, meditating or finding a yoga class.  Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, make time for this activity.  It’s important for your health and well-being!Me Time

7 Habits of Highly Affective People

Personal responsibilityRecently I attended a training on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Affective People.  I had read the book many years ago and attended training which include the principles of the 7-Habits, but I had never been fully immersed it in as I am now with my training, a workbook, a support buddy from the class and a daily task that relates to the 7-Habits.  If you have not taken this training or are not aware of the Habits, then you are in for a treat.  All week I’ve been tweeting and posting about this great advise that has changed how I respond on e-mail and in person to people, how I prioritize my day/week/month, and how my goals are structured.

Enjoy this short segment on 7-Habits adapted from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

  1. Take personal responsibility and initiative.  In other words, be proactive.  Make a decision to create change in your life instead of simply reacting to external forces.
  2. Setting GoalsGet clear about what’s important to you and set goals.  Have your own personal mission statement, and create both short and long-term goals. Write them down.  People often find themselves achieving victories that are empty, successes that have come at the expense of things they suddenly realize were far more valuable to them.
  3. Put those priorities first and be disciplined.  Prioritize the most important things in your life.  Make choices that help move you forward toward your goals.
  4. Seek mutual benefit in all interactions with others – practice the Golden Rule.  Try to find “win/win” solutions to problems.  Pursue situations and relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  5. Seek to understand others from their perspective first before making your point.  First, seek to understand.  Second, seek to be understood.  Effective listening is not simply echoing what the other person has said through the lens of your own experience.  Rather, it is trying to understand the perspective of the other person, listening emphatically for both feeling and meaning
  6. Listen and then replyValue differences and create third-alternative solutions to problems that are better than “my way” or “your way”.  Use individual differences to a situation’s advantage.  Often, a better solution can be found by taking each person’s point of view into consideration.
  7. Take care of and renew yourself in four areas of life:  Body, mind, heart and spirit.  Maintain a balance between work and self-care.  Take time to rejuvenate and recharge.


If these 7-Habits seem authentic to you, you may want to investigate further.  If you are interested in nutritional theories, assisting people with their health and well-being, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition may be a great start to a new career or some self-development.  Click on the infographic below and you’ll find  Integrative Nutrition’s Program Guide.

Photo: Hi everyone,</p>
<p>I hope you're having a great day.<br />
I wanted to pass along Integrative Nutrition’s Program Guide.</p>
<p>Inside you'll find:</p>
<p>a letter from the school's founder, Joshua Rosenthal.<br />
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<p>If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: lisa@lisaslentils.com</p>
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As an IIN Ambassador I have the opportunity to get you a discount on tuition up to $800!!!  As me how.

Get to Know Your Grains – Yes, even on Passover

passoverDuring passover I struggle to find what to eat.  The meals are typically meat and matzoh based which leaves a vegetarian who dislikes matzoh at a loss for 8-days as to what to eat.  Fortunately, there is one grain that I found to be passover friendly, depending on your Jewish denomination.  I believe if you are Ashkenazi you cannot have Quinoa and I imagine the possibility of being Orthodox, you may not want to have quinoa during passover.  But, after doing much research on the topic of quinoa, I found the Torah prohibits us from owning or consuming any foods which are made of wheat, barley, rye, oats or spelt, or their derivatives, which has leavened (risen) or fermented. The flour from any of these five grains that comes into contact with water or moisture will leaven unless fully baked within eighteen minutes.  Quinoa is not one of these grains, nor is it related to any of these grains and botanically it is part of the beet family.

Try this recipe which is passover and vegan friendly, yeah!Quinoa

  1.  Rinse then soak 1 cup of quinoa for an hour, then drain – you want to rinse quinoa or any grain you are cooking thoroughly to eliminate dust and toxins, soaking increases nutrient content and absorbtion.  For brown rice specifically, soak 8-12 hours, all other grains can be soaked 1-5 hours.
  2. Combine quinoa with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cook for 10-15 minutes
  3. Turn off the heat, fluff with a fork, and leave quinoa covered for another 5 minutes to absorb any of the remaining water
  4. Transfer to a bowl and add your favorite chopped veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, scallions, spinach, carrots or use your imagination
  5. Add a sprinkle of EVOO and some sea salt and/or pepper

FriendsI know that the ultimate Jewish Holiday is Yom Kippur, where we fast for the entire day to ask for forgiveness, but I also feel that Passover is a holiday where we suffer by eating unleavened bread and, although a lot of people enjoy Passover Seders, I personally find I’m suffering through that as well.

This past week I had two “friends” let me down in a big way.  One is more of an acquaintance than a friend, who crossed the line with me, and because she is an acquaintance, I was offended by some of her statements to me.   Another “friend” who I consider one of my best, recently let me down in a big way.

Letting go of a hurt can be hard and Passover is just another reminder to wipe the slate clean. When we feel wronged we think the other person should apologize and acknowledge what they did wrong. When we don’t find  any apology, we often bear a grudge, which is kind of happening to me.

I am finding the best way to deal with this right now is in the following prayer which is found in the Jewish Prayer Book and is something we say during Yom Kippur.

“I forgive all those who may have hurt or aggravated me either physically, monetarily, or emotionally, whether unknowingly or willfully, whether accidentally or intentionally, whether in speech or in action, whether in this incarnation or another, and may no person be punished on account of me…”

By saying this prayer it helps in putting it behind me.  Will I be close friends with two individuals, probably not, but I won’t be holding a grudge either.

It’s never too late to start things with an open mind because for all the heartaches you will find over the years, you will know true friendship that lasts, new friendships that are exciting, and some friendships that will fade away.   For this year’s Passover, I look forward to spending time with family and friends and suffering through another seder, however, I’ll have my quinoa handy to get me through the week.

Take care everyone and no matter what springtime religious holiday you celebrate, take time to evaluate your relationships and see how you are able to improve your friendships.


Do you know Beans about Beans?

thumbnail.jpgBeans are a wonderful way to add high-quality, plant-based protein to your diet.  They are high in iron, B vitamins and fiber, and are versatile enough that you may never tire of them.  Dry beans stay fresh longer when stored in a cool, dark place (rather than on your countertop).  Don’t use beans that are more than a year old, as their nutrient content and digestibility are much lower.  Also, old beans will not soften, even with thorough cooking.  Follow these steps when preparing beans:

  1. Check beans for rocks and shriveled or broken pieces, then rinse.
  2. Soak for six hours or overnight, with water covering four inches higher than the beans.  Small and medium-size beans may require less soaking – about four hours should be enough.  Note:  if you’ve forgotten to presoak the beans, you can bring them to a boil in ample water to cover.  Turn off the heat, cover the pot and let stand for one hour.
  3. Drain and rinse the beans, discarding the soaking after.  Always discard any loose skins before cooking, as this will increase digestibility.
  4. Place the beans in a heavy pot and add 3 to 4 cups fresh water.
  5. Bring to a full boil and skim off the foam.
  6. Add a small piece of kombu (seaweed) and a few bay leaves or garlic cloves for flavor and better digestibility.
  7. Cover, lower the temperature, and simmer for the suggested time.  Check beans 30 minutes before the minimum cooking time.  Beans are done with the middle is soft and easy to squeeze.
  8. About 10 minutes before the end of cooking time, ad 1 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt.
  9. Cook until beans are tender.

WokCooking Chart – Beans

See the following for 1 Cup Dry Beans

  • Adzuki – 45-60 minutes
  • Anasazi – 60-90 minutes
  • Black (turtle) 60-90 minutes
  • Black-eyed peas 60 minutes
  • Cannellini – 90-120 minutes
  • Chickpeas (garbanzos) – 120-180 minutes
  • Cranberry – 60-90 minutes
  • Fava – 60-90 minutes
  • Great northern – 90-120 minutes
  • Kidney – 60-90 minutes
  • Lentils (do not require soaking) – 30-45 minutes
  • Lima beans – 60-90 minutes
  • Mung – 60 minutes
  • Navy – 60-90 minutes
  • Pinto – 90 minutes
  • Split Peas – 45-60 minutes

*All times are approximate.  Cooking lengths depend on how strong the heat is and how hard the water is.  A general rule is that small beans cook for approximately 30 minutes, medium beans cook for approximately 60 minutes, and large beans cook for approximately 90 minutes.  Be sure to taste the beans to see if they are fully cooked and tender.

Lisas PeasDigestibility

Some people have difficulty digesting beans and legumes.  They may develop gas, intestinal problems, irritability, or unclear thinking.  Here are a few techniques for preparing and eating legumes that will alleviate most problems.

  • Soak beans for several days, changing the water twice daily, until a small tail forms on the beans.
  • Use a pressure cooker.  This also cuts down on cooking time.
  • Chew beans thoroughly and know that even small amounts have a high nutritional and healing value.
  • Avoid giving legumes to children under 18 months because they have not developed the gastric enzymes to digest them properly.
  • Experiment with your ability to digest beans.  Smaller beans like adzuki, lentils, mung beans, and peas digest most easily.  Pinto, kidney, navy, black-eyed peas, garbanzo, lima, and black beans are harder to digest.  soybeans and black soybeans are the most difficult beans to digest.
  • Experiment with combinations, ingredients, and seasonings.  Legumes combine best with green or non-starchy vegetables and seaweeds.
  • Season with unrefined sea salt, miso or, soy sauce near the end of cooking.   If salt is added at the beginning, the beans do not cook completely.  Salt is a digestive aid when used correctly.
  • Adding fennel or cumin near the end of cooking helps prevent gas.
  • Adding kombu or kelp seaweed to the beans helps improve flavor and digestion, adds minerals and nutrients, and speeds up the cooking process.
  • Pour a little apple cider, brown rice vinegar, or white wine vinegar into the water during the last stages of cooking.   This softens the beans and breaks down protein chains and indigestible compounds.
  • Take enzymes with your meals.

red lentil soup

Red Lentil Soup
Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Yields: 4 people
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 small onion, diced
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
1 carrot, rustic cut
1 burdock root, rustic cut
1 cup red lentils
4-5 cups water or stock
A few splashes umeboshi vinegar
  1. Heat oil in a deep pot.
  2. Add onion and sauté for 3 minutes.
  3. Add cumin and cook, stirring for 30 seconds.
  4. Add carrot and burdock and sauté for 3 minutes.
  5. Add lentils and water or stock and cook 20 minutes until lentils and roots are soft.
  6. Add a few splashes of umeboshi vinegar, stir and taste.



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Content on this webpage contains the copyrighted material of Integrative Nutrition Inc., 2014 (Used with permission).

Gluten Free Cooking – from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

25-gluten free recipesGluten, which literally means glue in Latin, is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.  It is most problematic for individuals with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  Since Celiac disease only affects 1% of the population, the likelihood of it is rare, and a lifelong gluten-free diet is necessary.  Some of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity, which affects many more people, include; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), neuropathy (nerve pains and numbness), autoimmune disease, and inflammation.  Naturally gluten-free foods are mostly wholefoods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, herbs and wild rice.  You can also find gluten-free pasta, cereal, bread, waffles, pancakes, and cookies at most natural foods stores, many supermarkets, and some local grocers.

Gluten-free foods include potatoes, buckwheat, corn, rice, quinoa, amaranth, teff, millet, beans, nuts (and nut butters), eggs, fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, meats, and fish.  Foods to avoid when going on a gluten-free diet include wheat, kamut, spelt, rye, and barley.

The larger issue when trying a gluten-free diet is the danger of cross contamination so make sure to clean out all cutlery drawers, replace wooden spoons and cutting boards, use a new toaster for gluten-free foods only, mark containers “GF” on the lid to denote gluten-free items and dedicate shelves and cabinets in your kitchen and refrigerator to “gluten-free food only”.


Gluten-Free Substitute (sub 1 cup of wheat flour with)

  • Barley Flour (for wheat sensitive only) 1 1/4 Cups
  • Cornmeal Flour 1 Cup
  • Oat Flour 1 1/3 Cups
  • Potato Flour 3/4 Cup
  • Rice Flour 3/4 Cups
  • Rye Flour (for wheat sensitive only) 1 1/3 Cups
  • Soy Flour 1 1/3 Cups
  • Tapioca Flour 1 Cup

beginners_guide_to_gluten_fGluten-Free Flour Mix (all-purpose) – makes 12 Cups

  • 8 Cups Rice Flour (preferably brown)
  • 2 2/3 Cups Potato Starch
  • 1 1/3 Cups Tapioca Flour

Apple and Pear Cobbler


  • 1/4 C sorghum flour
  • 1/4 C tapioca flour
  • 1/4 C potato starch
  • 1/4 C almond flour
  • 1 t fine salt (or sea salt or kosher salt should be ground fine)
  • 4 T sugar
  • 1/2 t cardamom
  • 1/4 t cloves, ground
  • 1/4 C sour cream
  • 3 T chilled, unsalted butter, cut into pieces

Combine gluten-free flours and potato starch, sugar, cloves, cardamom, and salt.  Add butter and cut until mixture resembles coarse cornmeal.  Add sour cream and blend until dough begins to come together.  Do not form a ball.

apple-pear-magic-cobbler-relish-6Place the completed dough between two sheets of plastic wrap or parchment paper.  Form a large ball of dough between the sheets, and then gently flatten into a square. refrigerate while you prepare the filling.


  • 2 lbs crisp, fresh apples
  • 2 lbs Bartlett pears
  • 1 T fresh lemon juice
  • 3/4 C sugar
  • 1/4 t cloves, ground
  • 2 t vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 375

Transfer fruit slices to a pie dish or a 9 inch baking dish.  Combine lemon juice and vanilla in a small bowl. Pour over apples and toss to coat.  Combine 3/4 C sugar, flour, and cloves in small bowl. Sprinkle over fruit and toss to coat.  Rearrange fruit to make compact and wipe rim of dish clean.  Place dough atop fruit and gently tuck edges under at 3-inch intervals.  Sprinkle with remaining 2 t sugar.  Sprinkle 1/4 C sliced almonds over top.  Bake for 35-40 minutes.  The cobbler is done when the topping is golden brown and the fruit bubbles around the edge of the pan.

Here are some of my favorite gluten-free links:

Gluten-Free Food Blogs

2014 Integrative Nutrition Inc.  (Used with permission).

If you are interested in learning more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, check out this link and obtain your free health coach starter guide.  Would you like a discount on tuition?  Email me directly and I can tell you how!   lisa@lisaslentils.com

Vegetable Cooking Methods Elementary and Easy – why wouldn’t you eat more veggies?

Plants 2Vegetables provide nutrients needed to maintain daily wellness.  If you want to increase energy, improve physically, lose weight and maintain wellness, you need to increase your intake of veggies.  Cooking methods are limitless and the amount and combinations of veggies you can put together for yourself are endless.


Steaming is one way to prepare simple, clean-tasting vegetables.   Steaming takes 5-10 minutes for green leafy vegetables, and 10-25 minutes for roots.  All you need is a steaming basket and a pot with a lid, filled with about 2 inches of water.  One if the best ways to steam veggies is to wash them, chop them into smaller sizes because they will cook quicker, bring the water to a boil, please the veggies in a steaming basket over water and cover, steam until they become a bright color and have a texture that works for you, then remove and run under cold water.Steamer Basket

Some ideas of how to season your steamed veggies include:

  • Add 1 Tbs olive oil or toasted sesame oil to every 2 C of greens
  • Add 2 bay leaves or 1 tsp of cumin seeds to the water
  • Sprinkle greens with toasted pumpkin, sesame, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds or walnuts
  • Sprinkle greens with fresh herbs: mint, dill, basil, parsley, cilantro, scallions
  • Use tamari soy sauce or umeboshi vinegar to add some extra flavor
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice over them to add some zing


Blanching, or quick boiling, is another way to prepare veggies very quickly.  Blanching helps to break down the fiber of raw vegetables more so than steaming, which may aid digestion.  Blanching vegetables also removes the raw flavor and brightens up their color.  To blanch veggies just bring water to a boil, add a pinch of salt, wash and chop the veggies, drop the veggies into the water and lower the heat, cook until they become right, and then rinse with cool water to stop the cooking process.  If you like your veggies soft, cook them longer.

WokStir Frying

Stir Frying is another quick and nutritious way to prepare vegetables.  You can stir-fry any kind of vegetables in oil or water.  Softer vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, bok choy, thinly sliced carrots, mushrooms, and onions will only take a few minutes to cook.

Before you start, make sure you have all the vegetables rinsed and cut into pieces – thinner slices and smaller pieces will cook faster and more evenly.

If you choose to use oil, heat a wok or frying pan and add a small amount of oil (like peanut, sesame, or coconut oil).  If you are making a small amount of vegetables, brushing the wok or pan with oil is usually enough.  Start with the harder vegetables like roots. Add one variety at a time and cook them until they become shiny before adding the next ones.  Sprinkling a pinch of sea salt over the veggies draws just enough moisture to prevent sticking and will bring out the flavor.  You may also sprinkle water over your vegetables to gain extra steam and heat.

If you want to stir fry with water, which is what I do, add one inch of water to your wok or pan, and bring to a boil.  Add thinly sliced vegetables and cover, then simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Check out these awesome stir fry combos:

  • Onions, carrots and snow peas
  • Chinese cabbage, mung bean sprouts, and scallions
  • Leeks, carrots, and red peppers
  • Onions, mushrooms, and zucchini with dried basil
  • yellow patty pan squash and mizuna greens with garlic

you can also add:

  • tofu, tempeh, or meat for protein
  • cooked grains to the vegetables toward the end for impromptu “fried rice”.

roasting veggiesBaking

Many vegetables taste delicious when baked.  Baking brings out the very essence of the vegetables, especially squashes and roots.  Place veggies in a baking pan, roast for 45-60 minutes at about 400 degrees.  Try baking ny variety of the following veggies:

  • Green leafy vegetables – Collard greens, Kale (dinosaur kale, purple kale, and Lacinato kale), Dandelion greens, Mustard greens, Chards: Swiss chard, red chard, and rainbow chard, Beet greens, Watercress, Parsley, Dark lettuce.
  • Roots and squashes – Carrot, Parsnip, Turnip, Rutabaga, burdock, Celery root, Burdock root, Acorn squash, Kabocha squash, Butternut squash
  • Fat burners – Daikon radish, Leek, Scallion, Turnip, Onion, Celery
  • Other Veggies – Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts

Hope this helps make it easier for you to eat your veggies!!!

*Content on this webpage contains the copyrighted material of Integrative Nutrition Inc., 2013 (Used with permission).

Changing My Website

Good morning and welcome to the weekend!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written to all of you, but a lot has happened to me in the past 9 months. No, I didn’t have a baby, but I do have two new “babies” in my life.

In September I was told my brand new boss that I should look for another job. This came days after she told me that she was happy to have me work in the office. You see, over the summer I was told this new boss did not want me to work for her so I went ahead and proactively applied for two other positions. I was in the offer stages of one position and the interview stages of the other job. I took my name out of consideration for both positions one day prior to learning the news that my new  boss really didn’t want me to work for her. Fortunately, the job I have now, is the one that really wanted me and I able to get my name back in the pool of applicants. Now this sounds easy, I got the job I have now within the week of this woman telling me I should look for another job, however, it was a deep blow to my system, both mentally and physically. I lost a lot of weight. I ended up weighing 97 lbs with in the week of her telling me that I would basically lose my job, a job I had for 13 years. I had to be put on antidepressants and that basically turned into a real bad experience as I had 9 our of the 10 side-effects from the medication. The only side-effect I didn’t have, causing harm to others. I’m still seeing a therapist to get over what happened to me. What I’m telling you here is really gentle compared to the actual situation.


Now, several months  later, I’m settled into my new job, I actually LOVE my new job and the people I work with. I’m in a much better situation and out of a very toxic environment which, I hear, has continued to spiral downhill for all these months. I’m grateful for the situation I went through, it made me stronger, and it helped me realize that things really do work out for a reason.

My second baby is my health coaching business. I had to take a hiatus and wasn’t quite sure I would ever come back to it, but now that I’m settled, I’ve found my rhythm, I’ve been able to start my new business called Lisa’s Wellness.  You can find out more about Lisa’s Wellness at www.lisaswellness.com.

As I transition to my new business, I will still post blogs here for all of you while you migrate to my new website. You can like me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LisasWellness/ where I’ll be posting all sorts of information.

I have teamed up with USANA as an Associate, you can find that website here. USANA is a wonderful vitamin, supplement and nutrition company endorsed by Dr. Oz and many olympic athletes. You can find my USANA website at www.lisaswellness.usana.com. I’ve been using their supplements for 3 years and I absolutely love them. I’ll be offering healthy eating programs tied to the supplements.

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Please message me if you have any questions.

I look forward to interacting with all of you on my new website and Facebook group.