Check out my Health Coaching Site


As many of you know, I enrolled in the Health Coaching Program at Integrative Nutrition this past Thursday.  I was given a $1,000 scholarship and the program begins May 14th.   With the enrollment, I can access to some fundamentals coursework.  So far I have learned about two different diets; The Zone Diet and the 3 Hour Diet.  I have also listened to two lectures. 

Along with the foundations coursework I have access to a professional program to develop my own business website.  You can review my website and offer feedback to me.  The website is located at

Please provide me your feedback as I begin to develop the health coaching website and start the process of migrating the information on this website to the new location.

I look forward to working with all of you and I also look forward to seeing you at this month’s book club meeting.  For more information regarding the book club go to

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