I hung out with a celebrity last week!!!!

Okay, maybe not a total celebrity, but to me she is.  Alex Jamieson is the girlfriend in the movie “Super Size Me”, a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, which chronicles his 30 day diet consisting of just McDonald’s.  It’s a fascinating movie which I highly recommend.  You can find the movie on Hulu, http://www.hulu.com/watch/63283/super-size-me.

Alex wrote The Great American Detox Diet after the movie to help any individual reading the book to rid their bodies of unhealthy substances, and replace with a healthier diet.  The book focuses on a variety of areas including adding water, removing caffeine, and detoxifying your diet.  I have owned this book for seven years, never thinking I would have the luck of meeting the author, but last week my luck changed.

I have subscribed to Alex’s website, Delicious Vitality a couple of years ago and I regularly get updates.  A couple of weeks ago she mentioned she would be giving a presentation in Boulder so I contacted her to and we met-up.

Meeting with Alex was an incredible life changing experience.  Not just because I’ve been following her website and spoken to her on the phone, but because her approach to health is very individual and she makes you feel welcome.

I met her on Tuesday at a presentation she gave to the employees of Rally Software company.  I know one of the Vice Presidents and he was able to get me a seat at her presentation which focused on Cravings, Afternoon Energy and Sugar.  The information presented in her talk was exactly what I am learning from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) school I’m currently enrolled.  Oh, did I mention she is a graduate of IIN?

When I met her at The Corner Bar at Hotel Boulderado she had already ordered us some rose tea and had a sample package of Teeccino (herbal coffee) waiting for me, which was extremely thoughtful and generous.  We spoke about Institute for Integrative Nutrition and my future career as a nutrition counselor.  She had asked me a variety of probing questions having to do with my current job and my future career and I have to say, ever since our conversation, I am more satisfied than ever with my job, while at the same time working on my nutrition counseling business (which I already have one client).

When we got to the topic of health she had noticed how dry my skin was and asked about my diet.  I had mentioned my no-oil policy following Dr. Fuhrman’s diet suggestions and she told me STOP, I need oil in my diet.  It will not cause me weight gain and it’s vitally important to health to include oil in the diet, not just Avocado and whole olives but actual oil.  She suggestion I begin with using 1 teaspoon of Udo’s Oil Blend 3-6-9, which is located in the refrigerated section of any natural foods store, I got a bottle at Sprouts.  I have been religiously using the oil in smoothies and on salads (you cannot cook it) for 1 week and I can tell you that although my hands are still dry, my bones don’t feel as dry, my body doesn’t feel as dry and my hair has changed from very dry to almost lustrous.  My skin cleared up and I think this oil is the answer to my prayers, I even lost a couple of pounds since last Wednesday!

She had a couple of recipe suggestions for me and my Vitamix:

One was a tomato sauce for pasta which can be made in the Vitamix with tomato sauce, steamed greens, oregano leaf, and thyme.  The second recipe Mac n’ Cheese which includes sautéed/steamed carrots, mushrooms, garbanzo bean flour, nutritional yeast, turmeric, and mustard.  For the recipe go to http://deliciousvitality.com/blog/mac-cheeze-surprise-sauce-shh-shiitakes-inside/

Another useful link she gave me was for a radio show called “Being There” which covers a variety of topics all related to being in the moment.  The radio show has helped me so much at work and getting through the day.  I’ve been taking things much slower, which means I’m behind on a lot of things, but I’m much more satisfied at work.  Check out: http://www.TransformationMadeEasy.com/en/radio_archive.shtml

Alex gave me many more tips and action items.  One really neat program she has that can be purchased on her website for a very low-cost is her “Week in a Weekend” program which I’m so excited to review.  It’s really awesome and can only be explained by the video shown at http://www.weekinaweekend.com/

Definitely check out Alex’s site, she is absolutely awesome.  Have a great week!

Next week I’ll be highlighting Alex’s talk at Rally Software.

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