Joy Bauer, this woman knows what she’s talking about!!!

 As part of my Integrative Nutrition program, I have the opportunity to listen to lectures from a variety of well-known leaders in nutrition.  Joy Bauer led a lecture on the topic of “eating right for health and healing“.  “Joy Bauer is a registered dietitian for The Today Show on NBC, where she hosts the Joy Fit Club series which celebrates the accomplishments of individuals whom have shed more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise. Also included in the series are Joy’s Diet S.O.S and Joy’s Healthy Food Finds, which offer healthy eating guidance to millions of viewers. She is also the author of multiple New York Times bestselling books and a monthly columnist for Woman’s Day magazine.”Integrative Nutrition Website.

She had a lot of good recommendations for foods helpful in heart, lung and digestive health.  After reviewing her website at, I really feel like you can all benefit from checking out “Joy’s Food Cures” which is a menu item on the page.  She has nutritional information for just about any ailment you can name, along with articles and other helpful resources.

Check out this article/video from Woman’s Day Magazine website : Are You Skinny Fat? .  Also, check out the following articles, Four Dieting Traps  and Joy Bauer Says Industry Can Be Part of the Solution.   

After listening to her lecture, I just felt compelled to share this information with you!

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