Excellent Phone Apps for Nutrition, Weight Management, and Fitness

Lose It!

Lose it will help you set goals and establish a daily calorie budget.  You are able to stay on track each day by recording your nutritional intake and your exercise for the day.  The app will calculate your remaining calorie budget based on your input of these two items.  The average active user with Lose It! has lost 12 pounds.

Price:  Free


Weightbot is a weight tracking system.  It’s really easy to track your progress.  You are able to set goals, record your weight and view your BMI.

Price:  $1.99


My FitnessPal is a database of over 1,000,000 foods.  The app has a barcode scanner making it easy to calculate the calories you’ve eaten by a simple photo.  The app syncs with the Internet so you can log on from your iPad, Phone and personal computer.  You can also join with other friends who have the app for some fun support with your goals.

Price:  Free

iSteps Pedometer

The iSteps Pedometer helps you track your walks using an accelerometer which also calculates total calories burned, average distance traveled, and average speed.  This app is only available for the iPod Touch or iPhone.

Price: $1.99


The ShopWell app helps build a customized grocery list based on unique nutritional needs.  You create a profile with your health, nutrition and weight goals as well as your preferences and then use the app to scan a products bar code.  The app has a database of over 60,000 food items that will list ShopWell scores based on your personalized profile.  All items are color coded making it easy to see if the food fits within your nutritional and diet needs.

Price:  Free

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