Check out Lisa’s Healthy Blog Likes! (Part 1)

Happy June, one of my favorite months of the year is finally here!  June is filled with flowers, sun and fun and while many will take vacations, others will relax outdoors.  I thought this would be a perfect time to rejuvenate my own health by checking out some of my all time favorite blogs for whole living.

An Organic ConversationAn Organic Conversation – This radio show features three hosts, an organic food advocate, a produce expert and a holistic chef.  Together they discuss with entrepreneurs, visionaries and leaders in the organic food and holistic health movement subjects of healthy living related to sustainability and current events.  Their blog features recipes involving seasonal foods and articles of interest.

BUDH – This is a beautiful website that highlights meditation, health, well-being and beauty.  Put together by one of my IIN classmates, it is just awesome.  Subscribe to the daily BUDH for a daily mantra paired with a Mayan Starcast and journal thoughts.

VitamixHealthy Blender Recipes – I highlight this blog for anyone who has a Vitamix.  Awesome recipes that are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and raw.  If you don’t have a Vitamix, no worries, all recipes can be made in any mixer or food processor.  Today’s recipe, Raw Vegan Coated Ice Cream “Cupcake” Balls!

My PhotoHealthy Happy Long Life – Check out this Blog and get inspired by a medical librarian’s life of wholesome living.  Great articles on health, Engine 2 diets, and recipes that are out of this world!!!

Institute for Integrative Nutrition LogoInstitute for Integrative Nutrition Blog – Check out this blog published by the Health Coaching Certification Program I’m currently participating in.  Great tips for a well-balanced life, tips on career, spirituality, relationships and of course nutrition.  This blog is updated daily on my business website

My New RootsMy New Roots – This award-winning blog includes nutritional information, one-of-a-kind recipes, and great photos.  The blogger, Sarah Britton, is a holistic nutritionist and vegan chef who is working on special assignment in Denmark!

Nourished Kitchen – Local Colorado gal, Jenny believes in sustainable, balanced, unprocessed, and traditionally prepared food.  Here website highlights recipes and articles and offers resources to assist the reader in creating their own healthy meal plan.  Currently she is running at 25% off special.   Her meal plans are affordable weekly menus with easy do-it-ahead recipes, check it out!

IMG_5828Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon blogs about healthy vegan recipes in conjunction with her life and goals.  he is totally adorable, and when you check out her website you will note she has a section where you can search recipes by ingredient or title.  Today she kicks off her June Salad -A-Day challenge for her readers with five yummy salad recipes.

The Copycat Cook – Great photos and great recipes which are vegetarian, gluten-tree and dairy-free.  Blogger Sondi Bruner  is a holistic nutritionist and freelance journalist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I have made some of her delicious recipes that even my boyfriend Chad loves, check it out!

The Whole Journey – Great website, check out the blog for articles relevant to today’s nutrition current events.  She also has a recipe and video file along with a section on product reviews.

Like this blog, check out the Free Superfoods Teleclass that I’ll be teaching in July!

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