Lisa’s Healthy Blog Likes (Part 2)

A Modern Zen Girl – Blogger Claire-Maree Charters offers great free resources on self-discovery.  Her free Eat, Pray Love Detox is a 12-week program getting you to health and happiness.  Awesome meditations, music and worksheets assist in this effort, check it out, I love it!

andreabeamanAndrea Beaman – Andrea Beaman is a health coach and healthy foods chef.  She is extremely knowledgable and unique.  I first learned about Andrea when viewing a Healthy Cooking DVD I received as part of my Health Coaching Program.

Delicious Vitality –  Blog not only highlights recipes but also writes about why special ingredients in the recipes are good for you.  Alex is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She is a talented health coach, vegan chef and author.  Her recipes are delicious.  Check out her “week in a weekend” program, only $17, the best recipes for the price as well as a fun video on how to make them. 

Healthy Happy Life – Okay, so the posting on today’s blog is how to make healthy a Lavender-Lemonade Honeydew Frosty, need I say more?

Stonesoup 5ingredients VIDEO 3D CoverStone Soup -Stone Soup is a great website for obtaining easy, health recipes and up-to-date current events on health and nutrition.  Beautiful photos of food really make this blog a stand out!

 The Daily Love – Entrepreneur Mastin Kipp created this blog that you can subscribe to and get some great quotes in your inbox each day.  He also creates a daily blog on the subject of the quotes.  Discovered by Kim Kardashian, Kipp has become a nationwide sensation and is currently on tour with Oprah Winfrey on her Life Class tour.   His blog gets to what I’ve been learning at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Primary Food, which includes spirituality.  I look foward to opening my e-mail each morning to check out the new insightful quotes published on The Daily Love.

The Lean Green BeanThe Lean Green Bean – Lindsay, a registered dietition, blogs about working out and diet, additionally she has an awesome Foodie Pen Pal program with over 900 participants. 

Join I Quit Sugar on FacebookSarah Wilson  – Sarah Wilson is an Australian media personality and former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she created a book “I Quit Sugar:  an 8-week program”.  Her blog includes great information on her life a nd business advice as well as updates on her health related projects.

SUNDAY BAKERSunday Baker – As the title indicates, the blog is about healthy dessert type of recipes.  All sweet treats are makeovers of the original and includes calory content.  Recipes are step-by-step and include great photos of the process.  She’s got a huge database to satisfy any sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Like this blog, check out the Free Superfoods Teleclass that I’ll be teaching in July!

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