Cleansing Foods for Healthy Skin

healthy skin

Cleansing Foods for Healthy Skin (excerpt from IIN Healthy Skin Guide, yours free when you subscribe to my my newsletter, go to to subscribe)

The regular elimination of toxins and waste is essential to maintaining healthy skin.  Just like periodic cleansing is necessary for digestive healthy, including cleansing foods and herbs in your diet will effectively remove cellular waste and reduce inflammation keeping your skin clear, youthful and positively radiant.

Aim to add move of these top 5 cleansing foods to your diet

  1. Lemon:  squeeze into your water 1st thing in the morning
  2. Garlic:  eat raw for most benefits, great on salads or in pesto
  3. Ginger:  goes great in Asian recipes or as a tea
  4. Chamomile:  as hot or cold tea
  5. Dark Leafy Greens:  great cookid or raw in salads, wraps or stews

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