Six Weeks to a Healthier You!!! – Week 1: DRINK MORE WATER

We are all looking for advice on how to lose weight, live longer and eat healthier.  These quick tips which I’ll be posting weekly can help you gain energy and feel better, while taking little or no effort at all.  Keeping to natural foods, unprocessed and unpacked meals will guarantee you health.  Adding a the steps I’ll be listing weekly on my blog will encourage your body to heal itself while at the same time helping you to look fantastic.  Easily implemented, ask your friends to join you in your six-week transformation.


According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition blog article on the importance of drinking water, there are several benefits to adding more to your daily intake.  Water lubricates your muscles, transports waste and toxins out of your body through sweat and urine, keeps your skin moisturized and plumped up to eliminate wrinkles, assists in weight loss, relieves headaches that may be a sign of dehydration, hydrates your brain, boosts brainpower, and gives you energy.  Most Americans spend their days dehydrated and in pain, where all they need is a little more water.  Try adding one glass/day each day of this week so by the end of the week you are drinking up to eight glasses of water.  I’ve found it easiest to drink one glass in the morning while getting ready for work, and brining four 16 oz bottles of water with me to work to drink throughout the day.  To add a little flavor to your water, try adding slices of oranges or lemons to your water for a sweet drink.  I found a wonderful item called a glass fruit infusion pitcher for flavored water naturally.  Pitchers can be found at  Additionally, right here in Colorado we are lucky to have Eldorado Natural Spring Water available to us. This water is by far the best tasting water I’ve personally had.  It’s easy to drink water when it’s so fresh and bottled at the source.  Check out for their plans and prices, and if you want more personal attention contact Chad Bauer at  (303) 604-3032.

Next week’s tip:  PRACTICE COOKING!

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