This is a great blog by Fitbook founder Angela Manzanares on setting goals for the new year!

blogging my fitlosophy

fitness is a PART of my life, not my life in its entirety. it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) define me. i came to the realization recently that if my happiness is dictated by the size of my jeans or the number of the scale, i’m severely limiting my moments of joy in this lifetime. someday i will marry the love of my life and that may bring little babies (someday). will i miss out on one of life’s joys because i’m obsessed with the inevitable enlarging of my derriere and complete obliteration of what once were called abs?  this realization doesn’t mean i’ve overcome or mastered this. it means i’m aware. aware that my life has completely revolved around health/fitness/nutrition/body-image for the past 5 years since starting fitlosophy. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE what i do. and yet part of my occupation is to maintain this physical appearance that at…

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