fitbook changed my life!

Some of my friends have noticed that over the past 6 mos I have lost around 5-10 lbs. In November I weighed the most ever since I was in my late 20’s.  This may sound odd to you since you all know I’ve been attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition over the past year, however, the busyness of my full-time job, school and starting my own business left me with little to no time to workout and create my own nutritious meals so I took the bull by the horn and committed to tracking my workouts and eating habits.  I mean I cannot very well advise others if I’m not setting a good example myself.

A few years ago I purchased a journal called fitbook.  This small notebook was my 12-week system for success.  I was able to make 3-month, weekly and daily goals regarding my exercise and nutrition plan as well as measure what I had done throughout the program.

Well I decided to get another book, which for under $25 is a bargain when you consider the convenience, instruction and portability of this resource.  The book highlights goal setting, has you track your measurements so you can see immediate results, and even gives you the option to reward yourself for completing weekly goals.

The book also assists you in tracking your water intake along with fruits, veggies and grains. It’s a very sweet journal which I’ve come to rely on daily.

In addition to the journal, the get fit book company also offers “health-eBYTES” which is a monthly or annual plan you can purchase.  I have not personally subscribed since it’s brand new, but the program delivers daily tips, tricks and motivation delivered to your cell phone daily.

Many of my friends have asked how, at the age of 46, I’m keeping in shape, and I say, eat healthy, work out and keep a work/life balance.  This is much easier said than done, but I can assure you that keeping track of progress can really keep a person honest as well as excited about meeting goals.

The “fitlosophy” on-line recipe box, workout ideas, and blog are great supplements to the program.

Click here to visit fitlosophy inc.

As always, I invite you to check out Lisa’s Lentils Website at, two new programs, the 7-Day Detox and the Essential Oils Shop.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to file your taxes, April 15th!

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