Who is your “health hero”

JillianGood afternoon everybody!

I have the privilege today to write a blog post for Oscar Insurance, a new kind of health insurance company that is using technology to make understanding insurance simple, intuitive, and human.   They have asked me to write a special blog for them on the topic “who is my health hero.”

This is a very difficult topic for me to approach because I don’t have one health hero, I have many.  My friend Nancy is one.  She is in her 60’s, she works out all the time, she tries new things, like Yoga a few years ago, she’s totally interested in her health and sticks to a vegan lifestyle.  She doesn’t drink or smoke and she looks 20 years younger than she is, she’s a real inspiration.  She seeks out nutritional classes and opportunities to learn more about her health and she always looks fabulous.  She is also a very kind and warm person and she shares her experience and enthusiasm with others.  She’s a true health hero.

I really like Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows.   Her vegan recipes are amazing, to die for.  She always talks about how she runs, and she’s got an amazing relationship with her husband.  Her home is so cute.  I think she’s really go it together.  She helps others to get healthy as well.  Her Oh She Glows cookbook is vegan and absolutely amazing, she’s got great tips and advice for anyone who wants to improve their health by improving the food that goes into their body.

Elizabeth Rider is another, her career in the health field is astonishing. Barely over 30 and she makes a six figure income doing what she loves.  She’s taken the bold step to move out of Colorado and try to new life in Montana, she’s another with an amazing house, a great husband and always looks healthy and vibrant.  She’s a thriving entrepreneur and it’s because of her that I found the Usana supplements which have totally changed my health, my mental accumen and my sleep.  These supplements are truly amazing and I credit this to Liz.

These women are who I look up to for my health hero.

bikeI believe a health hero must not only be nutritionally sound, but take into account other areas of health as well, including career.  So important to be happy in what you spend the majority of your adult life on.  People spend more hours on their career than many other areas of life, so happiness is key to health in this area.

Family is important too.  I am always stressing how vital it is to have a good family relationship and for a parent to actually raise their child, spend time with their children and take responsibility for their family.  I have always learned growing up that family comes first.  Unfortunately we can’t choose our family, and I often wonder if I would actually have the people in my family in my life if they were not my family.   However, family usually has your back, they know your history and they love you anyway, and many times they make time for you even when you don’t have time for them.  Family relationship is part of the health equation.  I know my friend Nancy is an excellent mother and grandmother and she most definitely puts her family first, I respect and love that about her.

meditateSpirituality is part of the health package, no matter what your religion.  I was raised Jewish but I do not practice it.  I have chosen to do more meditation and yoga than sit in a synagogue all day praying in another language that I don’t know.  I have another friend, Rachel who was also brought up Jewish but goes to church, weekly.  She’s found that to be a great spiritual outlet for her, and after going through breast cancer, she found that to be her path.   I think spirituality is very vital to health no matter how you practice it, just connecting with yourself and your inner or outer guide really lifts you.

Creativity is healthy as well.   We all have creative outlets, whether it’s writing a blog like I do, painting a mural, or giving a presentation, we all have creativity in our life, it just doesn’t show up the same for everyone.  Angela Liddon’s creativity was in her Oh She Glows cookbook, every photo, every page, every recipe, lovely!    She’s amazingly creative.  We often want what other people have, but it’s healthy to recognize our own creative ways and value the differences between all of us.

moneyFinancial health is something many people are striving towards.  It is my belief that when you feel healthy financially, a lot of the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place.   I feel financially healthy, I don’t have a Bentley like my cousin Gary, I don’t travel the world like my friend Carole, and I don’t make a six figure income like some of my friends, but I don’t worry about money or paying my bills.  I have a secure job with a future pension so I really don’t have to worry about money.

There are many more ways to measure health, physical activity, home cooking, spirituality, education, financial health, relationships/family, joy, social life, career and nutrition are all part of it.  I know we all have people we can look up to in all these areas of our lives, but we should not measure ourselves against our hero, we should measure ourselves by our own standards of what works for us.

We are all individuals, we all need to take care of our health and I know all of us want to live successful, sustainable and healthy lives.

I hope you can take an inventory of your health hero’s and implement a little bit of them into your daily routine.  That would be enough to be your own hero.

Have a great week everyone!

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