Holiday Eating Triggers – Take Note

7 Tips to Help You Not Gain Weight During the Holidays! « Shelita WilliamsWith the holiday season upon us in just a couple of weeks, we all want to recognize which factors can lead to those extra holiday 7 lbs this season and how to avoid the pile on.  Check it out:

  • Travel  – If you are one of the many traveling this season you are probably aware of disruptions in your regular schedule.  You may dine out more often while on travel and exercise less in a different environment.   You might be craving sugar, caffeine and carbs for quick energy and you may be exhausted.  Research has shown that our appetites can increase up to 25% when we are tired.  Be aware of this when you are on travel.  Find time to exercise daily, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk and keep in mind your diet while away.  It might be handy to have a small notepad with you so you can record your daily meals, that way you are more aware of what’s going into your body.  Try to order dishes with vegetables and load up on them during family meals.  A couple of years ago I traveled to Minnesota for an event with my boyfriend’s family, there was not one item green colored offered at the event, I actually found a salad at the bar upstairs, so keep in mind your diet while you are away too.
  • Stress – If you are staying with your family over the holidays, you may feel a little stressed.   And if you have children, you may feel even more with the changing schedules.  This might cause you to eat to feel better and anxiety can cause your body to increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol which can cause weight gain.   Meditation can help with stress, even if you need to break away to a bathroom to do so.   Also, there are some great breathing techniques by Dr. Weil, you can check these out here.
  • Binging – The most popular new years resolution is to lose weight, why?  Because many times we binge during the holidays, resolving at a later date (New Years Eve) to start that diet.  But why take that all or nothing attitude.  Finding healthy treats and snacks is a great way to defray the holiday binge.  Check out these tips for staying healthy for the holidays here.
  • Indulgences – If everyone around us is indulging in platter of treats, our resistance can get worn down.  The proximity and visibility of food can be tempting to all of us.   Try to eat a healthy snack before going to any party or drink a protein shake to make you feel fuller than if you went to an event starving.  Even at work, goodies are all around, try to have a healthy sweet alternative, like fruit, a chocolate protein shake or granola bar.  Have your snack, drink a glass of water and re-evaluate the situation.  If you still want the goodies, then have them.  Denying yourself will make you binge when you get home from work.

Next Week:  Prepare for Thanksgiving/Holiday Time, 10 Tips

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    The holidays are fast approaching and here are some tips to keep the stress and festivities in balance. I am sharing this post from a fellow blogger that supports my postition on eating triggers. I will only add a few tidbits of my own advice to the mix. Stay away from the dishes you traditionally eat at home when out at a party (i.e. plain chicken). It is a party after all! Keep your portion sizes to sample size so you can indulge without the guilt. This is a time when treats abound and you don’t have to look the other way completely or duck in the coat closet to avoid them. Make sure to always look for lean sources of protein (ie. steamed shrimp) so your plate doesn’t become too carbohydrate laden. Look for the appetizer sized plates rather than dinner plates at events so it is easier to keep your portions in check. Staying hydrated is a big part of the battle as well, so be sure to keep your water intake up. If your lips are dry, it is a good indication that you are dehydrated and nothing will quench it like a few good glasses of water. More to follow, but for now, enjoy these tips from Lisa’s Lentils.

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